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Public Service Director

Plan and coordinate broadcasting of public service television programs.

What does a Public Service Director do?

Plans, schedules, and coordinates broadcasting of public service radio or television programs in various fields, such as education, religion, and civic and government affairs: Directs activities of public relations staff that maintains contacts between station or network and governmental and educational organizations. Evaluates proposed programs for suitability within station or network policy. Makes recommendations to formulate policy. Attends and addresses conventions and conferences of various groups to interest them in educational uses of radio and television. Interviews community officials and leaders to identify community problems and concerns. Examines station or network programming to ascertain available time and schedules public service programs. Contacts member network stations to promote public service programs on national scale. May research and write information on proposed program topics. May contact potential guests to solicit participation in program. May plan and schedule meetings with community organizations. May write or type notes on meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, letters, memos, and reports. May be designated according to specialization as Director, Educational Radio.