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Public Safety Officer

Patrol outdoor areas to keep communities free of crime.

What does a Public Safety Officer do?

In a utopian community, everyone would get along and share their possessions. No crime would occur, no fires would break out, no prisons would exist, and it would be sunny and 80 degrees each and every day. Unfortunately, no community exists like this outside the realm of children’s fiction. That’s why most communities hire Public Safety Officers.

As a Public Safety Officer, you work either within a jail or outside in the community. The job duties of a Public Safety Officer vary depending on whether you work inside or outside.

If you work inside a jail, you take photographs and fingerprints of people who have been arrested. You check them into their cells then lock the doors. If they’re in the jail during mealtimes, you may serve them meals.

You also investigate the people who enter the jail, making sure they’re not wanted in another city or state. In addition, you transport prisoners from the jail to another facility if you’re asked to do so.

If you work outside in the community, you patrol a specified area on a bike, in a car, or on horseback. Part of your job is to help perplexed tourists who need directions. If you see a crime in progress, you attempt to catch and arrest the person committing the crime. You also console the victims, and call for help from medical professionals, if necessary.

In addition, you’re in charge of keeping spectators away from the crime scene until Police Officers arrive. You then move from supervising the area to assisting the police in any way you can.