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Public Relations Director

Run the department that's charged with shaping a company's image.

What does a Public Relations Director do?

As a Public Relations Director, you not only create the image of your company, but you also oversee the work of the entire public relations department. The Public Relations Director works with a lot of people, from the CEO to the Public Relations Managers, to create the best image and reputation for your company and its products.

The basic responsibility of a Public Relations Director is to use different media outlets to project a good company image to clients, stockholders, and the general public. You give interviews, hold press conferences, write press releases, use social media sites, and update the company website to let the world know about all the good things your company is doing. You also forge close bonds with those in the media to ensure you always have an avenue through which you can promote the latest thing the company does or makes.

In addition to reporting events, you also throw them. You can arrange for a charity auction, scholarship fund, or celebratory party-anything that gets your company in the news and talked about in a good way.

You work your way into this position after many years (as in 10 plus) at a lower level. You usually report directly to the CEO, President, or Vice President of your company, and are the one who has to answer for the entire public relations department if something goes wrong. You create a vision for the company’s public relations, and draw up strategies for achieving your vision. You also create budgets, hire new employees, and delegate work to your subordinates.