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Public Relations Coordinator

Organize the different components that make up a PR campaign.

What does a Public Relations Coordinator do?

As a Public Relations Coordinator, you are the go-between for the many different aspects that go into creating a public image for a person or company. The Public Relations Coordinator works mainly in an office setting, though there is some travel involved. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the image you and your client have decided to communicate to the public remains positive, favorable, and steady in the face of difficulties.

One of the duties as a Public Relations Coordinator is to meet with clients and the other members of your team to create the story that you will convey to the public. Once the story is decided on, you create a plan for communicating it, then you execute that plan. There is some spinning of the truth, and it’s your job to make sure that every member of every department involved is doing their best to create a unified front and a cohesive story for the media.

You work a lot with the media. You craft press releases and send them to media outlets, put together press conferences (if the situation calls for something that large), and figure out what will be said at those conferences. In short, you try your best to control the coverage of your client.

You may be responsible for fundraising, overseeing public events, and controlling the branding of the company that you work for. With all of these responsibilities, your work may find you in the offices of large corporations, nonprofits, universities, or hospitals.