Public Health Service Officer

Administer public-health programs of county or city.

What does a Public Health Service Officer do?

Administers public-health program of county or city: Inspects public facilities for health hazards or directs inspection by others. Negotiates with school, state, federal, or other authorities and with community groups to formulate health standards and legislation affecting jurisdiction. Participates in establishing free clinics, cancer detection centers, and other programs to improve public health. Develops and coordinates public relations campaigns to promote programs and services and participates in radio and television discussions, public meetings, and other activities. Conducts examinations of hospitals, indigent care centers, and other institutions under control of municipality to ensure conformance to accepted standards. Prohibits sale of unsafe milk and other food and dairy products. May impose quarantines on area, animals, or persons with contagious disease. May order closing of establishments not conforming to prescribed health standards.