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Public Health Registrar

Create and keep records of diseases afflicting the community.

What does a Public Health Registrar do?

Normally, death and disease are topics that are avoided, but as a Public Health Registrar, you track these events within a community to compile statistics and run reports on the spread of diseases. Health departments rely on information from Public Health Registrars to monitor the effects of an illness throughout a specific area and within a target age range. This information aids Doctors in preventing illnesses in the future.

As a Public Health Registrar, you serve as the record keeper for your city. During your regular workday, you enter birth and death records into the computer, call sources to verify the accuracy of the information on your forms, and check death and disease records to ensure that they’re completed according to all legal requirements.

When the health department, a Scientist, or a Doctor calls for information, you collect the numbers from your files and compile them into a report. Reports consist of everything from how many people tested HIV-positive last year to how many children ages eight to 10 caught the flu within the last six months.

It may sound like unusual information to monitor, but knowing how a disease hits a group of people and whom it affects most lets Doctors prepare for the future. If the flu always hits your community hard, more pharmacies may offer flu shots. Preparation saves lives and lessens the symptoms for those who do get sick, ensuring that they have the medical attention they need to fully recover.