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Use your intuitive powers to help clients solve problems or see the future.

What does a Psychic do?

Your day-to-day duties as a Psychic are a little unusual. A Psychic might talk with the dead, read a client’s spiritual energy, or answer questions about what the future holds. You provide a way for clients to gain a greater understanding of their lives and future by deciphering spiritual guides that most people can’t see.

Meetings with clients are known as “readings.” You usually use tarot cards in your readings, but you might also use the client’s personal items, or even bones and shells. During a reading, a Psychic might hold or look at the objects, as these are what you use to connect with the spiritual world, and gain insight into your client and what they’re going through.

Readings start with a short period of meditation. This is done to tune in to the person’s energy and let you see into what’s known as the aura (that is, their energy or soul). After meditating, you’re then prepared to discuss and give insight on your client’s life.

Depending on what they want, you might focus on a particular situation or give a general overview of their lives. Your readings can cover everything from love to jobs to sites for future homes. You help clients sort through issues, and gain a sense of clarity and ease.

You don’t predict the future though (so no winning lotto tickets). Psychics only see the direction a person’s life is headed. The client always has free will to change what you see.