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Property Tax Analyst

Monitor and pay taxes on all properties owned by your company.

What does a Property Tax Analyst do?

You may already be accustomed to paying property taxes on your own home. If you work as a Property Tax Analyst, you tackle this basic task on a much larger scale.

Companies can own many different properties, from research labs to office space to manufacturing facilities. They may also own properties as investments. Property taxes must be paid on each and every one of those properties, and they must be paid on time to avoid penalties.

As a Property Tax Analyst, you keep a list of all the properties your company is responsible for. You draw up the tax payments, and make sure they head out the door on time. If you have tenants in your buildings and you require them to pay property taxes, you provide bills and supervise the collection of payments.

A Property Tax Analyst also produces reports for the company, discussing how much the company paid in taxes during the past tax season, and how much it should expect to pay in the years to come. A Property Tax Analyst may provide input if the company makes improvements on buildings that could increase their value, thus adding to the amount of taxes owed.

If you miss a payment or make a misstep, you’ll be required to meet with tax officials to describe what went wrong. You may be called to such meetings to defend your reputation, if the authorities feel that you’ve made payments in error. This happens infrequently, though, if you do your job conscientiously.