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Property Administrator

Serve as the middleman between tenants and management.

What does a Property Administrator do?

Owning and maintaining property is a full-time job. As a Property Administrator, there’s a constant flow of maintenance tasks to be done. And the lawn always needs weeding and mowing. Besides that, there are utility bills to pay, as well as insurance concerns.

It’s hard enough to keep up with all of it when one lives in the house. But when one decides to rent it out, or purchases property with the goal of leasing it, it’s doubly hard to keep track of all the work. Because of this, many owners pay a property management company to handle the headaches. That’s where you, the Property Administrator comes in.

As a Property Administrator, you report to the Property Manager. But in smaller organizations, you might fill both sets of shoes. You perform the administrative tasks for business and property owners who lease or rent to tenants. You might also work for a company that manages vacation homes, condos, and apartments.

For each unit managed by the company, you accept and process applications, and verify income statements. You answer questions, organize garbage and other services, and ensure that the tenant signs the appropriate paperwork.

Once the tenant moves in, the account is in your hands. You send invoices and receive payments. And you make updates in the computer to keep each account accurate and current.

It’s always better for the owner if the tenant is happy and plans a long-term stay, so you make sure to provide assistance whenever the hot water heater dies or the garbage disposal stops working.