Prop Attendant

Ready stage, equipment, and seating area of theater prior to performances.

What does a Prop Attendant do?

Readies stage, equipment, and seating area of theater prior to performances, and produces special lighting and sound effects during performances, using various equipment and devices: Lifts, places, and repositions special effect props, such as breakaway walls, dry ice in smoke/fog generator, and stage elevators, for use by performers during show. Starts, connects, and tests light and sound equipment, such as microphones, magnetic tape players, amplifiers, and stage lighting system, prior to show. Cleans and prepares stage, seating, and dressing areas prior to show [CLEANER, COMMERCIAL OR INSTITUTIONAL 381.687-014]. Pushes buttons, presses and flips switches, and turns valves to achieve special sound and lighting effects and to raise and lower scenery and stage curtain during performance, following sight or sound cues. Hands props to performers and assists performers with costume changes during show. May order makeup supplies and props to replace those used or damaged during shows. Prior to show may test equipment and during show may tend equipment that activates and controls animated characters.