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Proofsheet Corrector

Replace slugs in set type to correct errors indicated on proofsheet.

What does a Proofsheet Corrector do?

Replaces slugs in set type to correct errors indicated on proofsheet preparatory to printing of final copy: Arranges galleys of linotype slugs in sequence on correction table. Compares corrected type slugs against proof to detect errors. Compares guide symbols on proof with galley symbol, and reads portion of proof and galley text to locate positions for insertion of corrected slugs. Removes incorrect portion and manually inserts corrections. Cuts slugs to size to achieve specified fit, using electric saw. Keeps tabular material in specified sequence when correcting type line errors or adding new lines. Stores proofs in designated drawers and in sequence for specified period and disposes of obsolete proofs. Removes unwanted portions of lines from previously published editions, inserts new or corrected lines, and rearranges balance of slugs for next edition.