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Proof Technician

Test-fire small arms, artillery weapons, ammunition, and bombs.

What does a Proof Technician do?

Test-fires small arms, artillery weapons, ammunition, and bombs to evaluate mechanical performance and ballistic qualities, such as range, accuracy, bursting effect, and armor-piercing ability: Erects heavy weapons and connects electrical fire-control apparatus according to diagrams and written instructions. Positions small arms in holding fixtures and rigs trigger-pulling device. Loads, aims, and fires weapons. Measures gun barrel pressures and computes velocities of projectile. Examines and measures targets to verify accuracy of weapons and ammunition. Refrigerates, heats, or immerses ammunition in water before firing to verify performance under severe temperature and moisture conditions. Keeps records of observations. Prepares aerial bombs for test-dropping and loads bombs into aircraft. May prepare experimental ammunition and bombs and devise firing methods. May direct helpers. May specialize in testing of specific ordnance and be designated according to type of item involved.