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Proof Operator

Run a proof machine or proof software to encode, add, cancel, copy, and sort checks and money orders for a bank or other financial institution.

What does a Proof Operator do?

As a proof operator, you will run checks, money orders, and deposit slips through a machine to add the amounts, cancel the checks with magnetic ink, photocopy, and sort the checks. You reconcile your data files with the preliminary data, and if there is a discrepancy, then you work to reconcile this. Reconciliation may include further calculations, verification, and communication with other departments. Beyond this, the proof operator may perform teller operations, maintain log sheets, and prepare reports. This position requires that you methodically follow company policies and standards at all times so, attention to detail is important. The Bank Secrecy Act requires discretion in the communication of information as well. The qualities required of a proof operator are accurate calculation skills, reasoning skills for identifying issues, and problem-solving skills to resolve these. You will also need the ability to organize and prioritize your work and work independently. A familiarity with ACH transaction processing is vital. Proof operator positions usually require a high school diploma, and may require experience with cashiering, bookkeeping, or data entry. Most require 10-key by touch with 150 CPM (characters per minute).