Promotions Designer

Dream up innovative marketing gimmicks.

What does a Promotions Designer do?

As a Promotions Designer you create innovative promotions, which are flashy programs that draw in customers. This includes marketing concepts, promotional packets (vacation cruise for four!), flyers, and invitations for your clients. As a Promotions Designer, you may be in charge of promotions for a large company, or a single person.

You will be told by your Manager or Director what idea they want to release, then you make it happen. The daily tasks of the Promotions Designer are to develop and create images, pictures, and fonts into a finished product intended to catch a customer’s eye in your predetermined demographic.

This is a creative position and requires a creative, artistic eye as well as strong graphic design skills. You should know Photoshop really well, and you should know how to work in various mediums of advertising: print, web, TV, product placement and more. There are many ways for you to get your campaign out there, but you must first create that campaign, and figure out the best way to make all of those outlets work together and work for you.

You’ll also need to be aware of the market you’re designing for. Your promotions for toys will look different than those for high fashion shoes. So get your research done, and figure out the themes, colors, and trends that will sell to your audience.