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Promos Executive Producer

Direct and coordinate production of promos for broadcasting service.

What does a Promos Executive Producer do?

Directs and coordinates production of promos for local or national broadcasting service: Directs activities of workers involved in production of promos, utilizing knowledge of continuity writing, on-air promotion guidelines, filming and videotaping techniques, and usage of equipment. Edits scripts for continuity, applying knowledge of continuity writing. Contacts vendors to secure needed props, audio visual materials, and sound effects. Confers with operations and support services personnel to coordinate unit activities with those of other departments. Reviews and edits audio and video tapes, completed promos, and filler continuity, and schedules approved productions for broadcast. Arranges for timely delivery of promo materials to local or network promotion departments. Serves as liaison between station and advertising service of program sponsors or underwriters to coordinate unit activities with client promotional campaigns in other media.