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Project Manager Career Information

What skills do project manager jobs require?

Employers and hiring managers expect candidates who interview for project manager jobs to possess skills in project management, management, and construction management. In addition to that, having marketing and construction skills could potentially set you apart from your competitors who are applying for the same job.

There are multiple undergraduate majors that produce thriving project managers. Some project managers graduate with a construction management degree. About ten percent majored in business administration and civil engineering. Management science and marketing are less popular but still worth mentioning.

Project Manager Companies & Industries

Project managers are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. The construction industry is 2 – 3 times more popular for project managers than any other industry. Still, the information technology and services, marketing and advertising, and computer software industries are also great sectors to find project manager jobs.

What are the popular locations for project manager jobs?

Location is also important when selecting a career path. New York and Chicago are two cities where graduates often find employment opportunities for project manager positions.


Push projects to completion by overseeing people, budgets, and schedules.

Salary Range: $77,563 - $103,520
Industry: Civil Engineering
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