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Project Coordinator

Make sure projects stay within budget and on schedule.

What does a Project Coordinator do?

Completing a project on time is difficult. Completing a project on time without going over budget, and pleasing the client at the same time, seems downright impossible.

Project Coordinators, however, make it look easy. As a Project Coordinator, you’re a bit like the project’s Conductor, managing all of the little bits and pieces that must be done and making sure everything is completed according to plan.

Anytime a product must be completed, a Project Coordinator is there. You might work for manufacturing companies, publishing houses, advertising agencies, or even high-tech computer companies. No matter the industry, your task list remains much the same.

Meeting with the Project Manager tops your to-do list. Here, you learn about the scope of the project, the budget, and the projected delivery date. In some cases, you already have a team of workers ready to go, but if not, you work with the Human Resources Manager to find people who are ready to work.

Next, you develop a schedule for the project, and you make sure each person on the team understands what he or she needs to do and when it must be done. As these people begin their work, you supervise the progress. Handling crises, signing checks, dealing with clients, buying raw materials, and testing finished products may all be within your realm of responsibility.