Project Controls Analyst

Recommend strategies for keeping company projects on track.

What does a Project Controls Analyst do?

As a Project Controls Analyst, you’re the observant eye behind getting a project to run smoothly from its start all the way to a timely finish. Success is not always a given factor. It takes people like you to supervise and analyze a department in order to weed out efficiency issues and patch up problems.

A Project Controls Analyst has a watchful eye to look at the workflow of a project to determine if the process could use better strategies. Are new workers needed? Can you finish on schedule? Is this endeavor going to bankrupt the company?

Without someone answering these questions constantly, it’s easy for projects to derail. The Project Controls Analyst keeps departments from crashing and burning, and if a deadline passes in a financial ball of flames, you’re the one who knows how to put out the fire.

Each employee, schedule, and office space is a small element that you integrate into the big picture in the best possible way. You conceptualize a project and look at it as a problem that needs to be solved, instructing everyone on how to best come together to finish the puzzle as a collective team. This may mean purchasing a more effective software program, or hiring a few extra interns.

The budget is a main concern for you. Why throw away money on wasted time? You can see that by changing just one small piece of a procedure, you can save bucketloads.

As a reward, you get to watch your decisions positively impact the work environment. The right schedule for the right team gets the project done faster and better, allowing for a much deserved day off every once in a while.