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Progressive Assembler and Fitter

Assemble farm or lawn-and-garden machineries.

What does a Progressive Assembler and Fitter do?

Assembles farm or lawn-and-garden machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, plow disks, rakes, roto-tillers, and snow throwers at one station of progressive assembly line, using handtools and power tools: Files edges and reams holes to align parts, such as chains, gears, housings, transmissions, radiators, fuel lines, and wheels with main assembly. Bolts or clips parts to assembly, using tools, such as prys, hammers, and pneumatic wrenches and drills. Sets clearance between parts to prescribed tolerances, using fixed gauges and tools, such as torque wrenches and screwdriver. Positions parts, such as control mechanisms, and connecting rods in housing and secures parts with bolts, rivets, cotter pins, and keys, using hammer, wrench, and pliers. Pours lubricating oil into housing and fastens housing cover plates, using wrench. Mounts assembled units in test fixture, connects unit to electric motor, and starts motor to test performance of unit. May work from blueprints or sketches.