Programmer Analyst

Perform system analysis and programming functions.

What does a Programmer Analyst do?

Programmer analysts perform the jobs of both systems analysts and computer programmers. You develop, modify, and maintain computer systems and software to meet the requirements of the company. After discussing with the client and understanding the requirements of the company, you design programs and develop databases using coding in programming language. A programmer analyst tests and makes necessary changes to the programs, debugs, and writes guidelines. Installing, training, and troubleshooting are part of your job as you assist and provide technical support to employers using the programs. As a programmer analyst, you could also assist in selecting and purchasing hardware and software for the company, so you maintain contact with vendors. An important part of your job is to stay up-to-date with technology, so you read publications and participate in workshops.

While an associate’s degree may be adequate to get a job as a programmer analyst, most companies prefer a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, mathematics, or engineering. Experience in systems design or programming is always useful. Apart from sound knowledge of computers and good technical skills, you need attention to detail as well as analytical and problem-solving skills.