Program Evaluator

Analyze programs to see if they're effective or necessary.

What does a Program Evaluator do?

There are all sorts of programs dealing with all sorts of issues. For example, there are public health initiatives that encourage safe sex, private companies working to cure malaria in developing nations, and government organizations helping out the unemployed. As a Program Evaluator, you figure out how effective these programs are.

Where you’re employed determines not only what projects you work on but also how you do your job. As a Program Evaluator, you can work with private companies or government agencies as an outside Consultant or an internal member of the organization.

When evaluating a program, Program Evaluators look at all aspects. You decide if the targeted group actually needs the aid being provided, how effective the program is, and if the correct approach is being taken. Additionally, you examine how well the program’s employees are trained, and crunch numbers to find out how cost-efficient everything ultimately is.

This job mixes people skills, communication skills, and the ability to research and understand data. You interview participants and workers while looking over previous studies at the same time. It’s your job to find the best and worst parts of the program, and then recommend changes that you think will make solid improvements.

Be aware that some people might try to pressure you into twisting the evaluation in their favor. Say, you discover that a Politician ‘s pet project isn’t effective after all. You might be persuaded to alter the results you find. Because of this, Program Evaluators need integrity and strength of character to do the job well.