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Profiling-Machine Set-Up Operator II

Set up and operate profile milling machines to mill scale profiles.

What does a Profiling-Machine Set-Up Operator II do?

Sets up and operates profile milling machine equipped with built-in or attached tracing mechanism that guides cutting tool in parallel relationship to stylus to mill two-dimensional scale profiles from models, according to specifications: Examines layout or workpiece, blueprints, and work order to ascertain type of tooling required and finished dimensions of workpiece. Positions and secures workpiece and template or model on machine table, using clamp, vise, blocks, measuring instruments, and wrenches. Selects and inserts specified stylus and cutting tool, using handtools. Starts machine, turns controls to change speed of cutting tool, directional movement of stylus, and automatic feed rate to ensure conformance of milled workpiece to specifications. Verifies conformance of workpiece, using dial and surface gauges, templates, calipers, and micrometers. Removes milled workpiece and template or model from machine table. May mill nonmetallic materials. May turn lever to start flow of coolant or lubricant on machining area. May manually move stylus to mill workpiece.