Profiling-Machine Set-Up Operator I

Set up and operate milling machines to mill contour of model.

What does a Profiling-Machine Set-Up Operator I do?

Sets up and operates milling machine equipped with built-in or attached tracing mechanism that guides cutting tool in parallel relationship to stylus that moves along three-dimensional model or two-dimensional template to mill contour of model or profile of template on metal workpieces: Studies blueprint, layout on workpieces, and template or model to determine tooling, sequence of operations, and finished dimensions of workpiece. Positions and secures workpiece and model or template parallel to each other on machine bed or angle plate, using height gauges, parallel blocks, sine bars, steel rule, wrenches, and clamps. Moves handwheel to position cutting tool on workpiece in specified relation to stylus on model or template. Observes operation and makes adjustments to ensure conformance of milled workpiece to specifications. Verifies conformance of workpiece, using dial and surface gauges, templates, calipers, and micrometers. May turn lever to start flow of coolant on machining area. May mill plastics or other nonmetallic materials.