Profiling Machine Operator

Tend battery of profiling machines that trace templates.

What does a Profiling Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of previously set-up profiling machines that trace templates to cut recesses in watch plates and chamfer edges, undercutting metal to form partially hidden recesses, in watch parts, such as pillar plates and train bridges: Blows metal shavings and dust from work plate, using air compressor. Fits blanks over protruding pins of chuck or in nest of work plate and pulls lever to clamp them in place. Starts machine and loads second machine while first is operating. Depresses pedal to eject workpiece or directs air blast to blow workpiece into catch pan after machine stops at end of cycle. Verifies thickness of metal below recess, and contour of recess, using jeweler’s loupe and precision gauges. Important variables may be indicated by trade name of machine used.