Profile Trimmer

Operate scroll saws or jigsawing-and-nibbling machines to cut hollow ware.

What does a Profile Trimmer do?

Operates scroll saw or jigsawing-and-nibbling machine to cut or trim hollowware items, such as trays, platters and vegetable dishes into specified shape, performing any combination of following tasks: Marks guidelines on workpiece by tracing from template or sample hollowware, using pencil or scribe. Selects jigsaw or scroll saw blade according to intricacy of outline and gauge of metal, and mounts in drive spindle, using wrench. Starts machine and manually guides workpiece under blade along cutting line to cut workpiece to specified shape or along edge of ornamentation to trim flash from molded items. Removes saw blade and installs nibbling punches in spindle and bed of machine. Turns thumbscrew to adjust depth of stroke to thickness of metal. Starts machine and guides edge of workpiece between reciprocating punches to smooth and trim along edges of mounts trim attached after jigsawing by SILVERWARE ASSEMBLER. May file burrs and rough edges from workpiece.