Professional Wrestler

Manhandle your opponents with powerful bodyslams and armbars.

What does a Professional Wrestler do?

Professional Wrestlers are usually equated with the showmanship of WWE or the TV personality known as “The Rock.” Yet, as a Professional Wrestler, you’re actually a very hardworking Athlete who combines acrobatic maneuvers with strong “throws” and “holds” to physically overpower your opponents.

While professional wrestling requires a flair for entertainment, it’s more important to be physically fit. To “fall” an opponent, Professional Wrestlers need to keep him or her pinned down by the shoulders for at least three seconds. If that’s not possible, feel free to knock your opponent out cold.

A Referee determines if a Wrestler is “fell,” or if there has been a violation of rules. This is a match of physical strength, and to win, you must play by the rules of the ring.

Different types of wrestling mean different rules of play. However, one rule rules them all: No hitting your opponent with an open fist. Some matches allow for a tag team, meaning you can “tag in” when your partner is nearing defeat.

While Olympic Wrestlers are unlikely to buy into popular culture, you probably have a character or persona that you carry with you to the ring. It’s even possible that you belong to a culture of Wrestlers who engage in exhibition matches: a stand-off between a protagonist and an antagonist that tells a story of a struggle beyond the wrestling ring.

Regardless of the wrestling culture in which you participate, as a Professional Wrestler, you are primarily an Athlete. It’s the love of the sport that draws you to this profession, but it’s the fame that encourages you to develop your “RAW” personality.