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Professional Skateboarder

Pay the bills with kickflips, ollies, and insane skating tricks.

What does a Professional Skateboarder do?

A Professional Skateboarder is paid to compete in skateboarding competitions, shows, and events. While there are many ways to get from point A to point B — you can drive a car, for instance, ride a motorcycle, run, walk, bike, skip, hop, or even jump — choosing the skateboard as your method of transportation might actually land you a career.

As a Professional Skateboarder, you’re a professional Athlete who plays with wheels instead of balls. You make your living with a combination of sponsorships, endorsements, and prizes. For example, just like Nascar Drivers, Professional Skateboarders are typically paid by sponsors to use their products, wear clothes with their logo on them, and use skateboards that are emblazoned with their brand. Similarly, you might be paid by companies to endorse, promote, and advertise their products, including skateboards, clothing, foods and beverages, gear, and video games.

First and foremost, though, your job isn’t selling stuff; it’s skateboarding. Although sponsorships and endorsements pay your bills, therefore, you spend the bulk of your days practicing and performing skateboarding tricks and stunts, including wheelies, pivots, jumps, flips, fakies, and ollies. Your goal is to perfect your craft so you can attract audiences at skateboarding shows and earn prize money by winning skateboarding competitions.

Armed with just a board and four wheels, you can simultaneously work, play, and compete. And if you do it well, you might just be the next Shaun White, Bob Burnquist, or Tony Hawk!