Professional Party Enhancer

Be the life of the party by singing, dancing and breaking the ice.

What does a Professional Party Enhancer do?

What the heck is a Professional Party Enhancer? Well, a Professional Party Enhancer is a little like the guy who takes over the karaoke machine at the company Christmas party. The difference is they’re talented, sober, and hired for the job.

As a Professional Party Enhancer, you’re tasked with entertaining the crowd. And not just entertaining, but also wowing them! You have a unique skill set that turns a ho-hum birthday party into a memorable bash.

What are those skills? It’s up to you. Do you do voices? What about stand-up comedy?

If you love to perform in front of others, being a Professional Party Enhancer allows you to work a day job and perform on the side, or fill your schedule with bar mitzvahs and banquets. Or, you could start out with a few gigs and build a client list as you go. The more creative your work is, the more your business card will be passed around the room, and in turn, the more satiated your bank account will be.

Of course, beyond talent and practice, there’s also the Accountant and Banker side of things to attend to. So, you set up a website, create business cards, answer phone calls, and set up engagements. Then you prepare for each show, collect payments, and attend to tax issues.

So, what will it be? Riding a unicycle while performing card tricks, performing one-woman skits, bending over backwards as an Acrobat, or impersonating your favorite Singer? See you on stage!