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Professional Mountain Climber

Scale mountains for sport or exploration.

What does a Professional Mountain Climber do?

The Professional Mountain Climber is an agile, adventurous soul motivated by the thrill of scaling mountains and the enjoyment of helping others appreciate all that nature has to offer. When you’re a Professional Mountain Climber, what sets you apart from a hobbyist is your knowledge of safety and proper technique as well as your reasons for climbing. You climb not only for yourself, but also as part of an expedition or to help beginners learn the ropes.

To a group of beginners ready to try their hand at rock climbing, you’re a leader and motivator, helping them overcome their fear and uncertainty as they begin their trek. As a Professional Mountain Climber, you know all about the dangers of loose rocks and poor climbing techniques. You educate your group on their gear and how to react in an emergency before they ever leave the ground.

When you’re not training others, you take on exploration and research expeditions. Scaling Everest to find out what happened to a missing Climber or journeying up a local mountain range to collect and deliver samples to a team of Scientists falls into this category. Many Climbers also work as freelance Journalists or Photographers for climbing magazines.

A love of nature and the excitement of a good challenge brought you to the mountains, but it’s the people you help and the discoveries you make that keep you in the business.