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Professional Golfer

Drive fairways and 2-putt as you compete against the best golfers alive.

What does a Professional Golfer do?

It has been argued that golf is a hobby or a game, but not a sport. Those who argue it have probably never played the game/hobby/sport. Professional Golfers are among the most talented Athletes in the world. They travel, they practice, and they play a lot of golf.

Does that sound like your dream job? Great! But beware; the job may not be everything you think it is.

Being a Professional Golfer requires an extraordinary amount of discipline. You must be able to dedicate several hours most days of the week to practice. After all, Professional Golfers don’t earn the title merely by playing a round on the weekends. Instead, you hit the links with your Coach, and follow that up with a trip to the gym to meet with your Personal Trainer.

Yeah, you’re cool. You’ve got peeps invested in you. But golf is an individual sport. That means you don’t have teammates to help cover for you when you’re having a bad day.

In fact, a bad day on the golf course hits you directly in the pocketbook. Although you have sponsors, if you’re not winning, you don’t earn prize money to pay your peeps.

So you rise each day, review videos of your swing, and hit the driving range. Then you hone your putting, chipping, and driving until you can hit the mark every time. When you’re not on the course, you meet with sponsors, make appearances at community events, and perhaps even make television commercials.