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Professional Gift Buyer

Use your finely-honed shopping skills to buy gifts for busy clients.

What does a Professional Gift Buyer do?

Some people love to shop; others loathe it. Some prefer to spend their days hunting down bargains; others would rather have a root canal. For those in the latter category, there’s good news! They can hire a Professional Gift Buyer to do their shopping for them (and they don’t have to undergo root canal as an alternative).

As a Professional Gift Buyer, you’ve been at this shopping thing awhile. The only year you missed the Black Friday chaos was when you were hospitalized, and the top 16 sites on your browser’s “favorite” tab are shopping related. Who knew you could earn a living from it?

Your ability to be a Professional Gift Buyer is a gift in itself. Not everyone has the patience to pursue the trail of that one-of-a-kind or difficult-to-locate item. And few people know how to sniff out a discount like you. Whether scouring the Internet, relying on the apps on your Smartphone, or foraging through the overstuffed racks in the back of Macy’s, you’re always on the lookout for quality products at exceptional prices.

Of course, you’re not buying for your family or yourself. You’re searching for thoughtful and appropriate gifts for Secretaries, Nurses, Teachers, clients, nieces, and wives. That means gathering information about people you’ve never met. You ask the customer about preferences and costs, and you put your own opinions aside and represent your customer, who, after all, will receive full credit for your blister-causing, bargain-hunting, unique-item-sleuthing adventure.