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Professional Gamer

Professional Gamer


Get good enough at video games to enter tournaments and win prize money.

What does a Professional Gamer do?

The line between work and play blurs when you’re a professional gamer. In this career you’re paid to play, yet the job takes the same amount of daily practice and dedication required of a professional athlete. If you’re a natural at games, spend hours repeating the same level until you’ve mastered it, and have wicked-fast reflexes, then a professional gamer sponsorship may be calling your name.

What does a professional gamer actually do? If you only play games now and then, you wouldn’t make it very far. What distinguishes a professional gamer from a hobbyist is the amount of time spent repeating drills over and over until you’re the fastest and the best. Whether it’s running through a level or repeatedly playing against online competitors to see who captures the other team’s base first, you often find yourself practicing six to eight hours a day to keep your reflexes in top condition.

Once you develop your skills and start kicking the competition to the curb, sponsors begin to take notice. Winning a major tournament or ranking highly in multiple online competitions can land you a spot competing in paying tournaments where you do battle with the highest-ranking players in the gaming world.

Many gamers find this is a part-time gig that simply pays the bills. Others make a full-time living off their prize winnings and from endorsing products like graphics cards or energy drinks. In this field, you take gaming to a new level.

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