Professional Diver

Twirl and spin with grace as you enter the water with Olympic skill.

What does a Professional Diver do?

Usually, jumping head first from a high place towards the floor is a bad idea. However, this isn’t the case when you’re a Professional Diver. In fact, as a Professional Diver, you spend your days repeatedly jumping off a board towards the bottom of a pool.

Rather than just a strange compulsion, the purpose of all this jumping is to improve how straight and controlled you can make your downward descent. Diving is judged on three areas: takeoff, air time, and landing. You get points for the difficulty of your dive as well as the cleanliness and precision of your technique. Getting a tight tuck, high arch, and splash-free landing ensures the highest marks from Diving Judges.

When it comes to making money as a Professional Diver, you need to compete to get paid. Be aware that like a Swimmer, you won’t make much unless you’re winning, which means you should set your sights on the Olympics or World Championships.

In order to make it to the top, you need to work with a Dive Coach, who creates workouts that will improve your weaknesses. One day might see you improving the rotation of your twist, while the next might have you focusing on the amount of air you get off the board. Practice sessions focus on the things you’ll be judged on, meaning you improve how far you jump out from the diving board, how long you hold the handstand for a really difficult dive, and how well you position your feet while you dive.

Though this is usually an individual sport, you can also become a Synchronized Diver. This type of diving is more difficult, as you need to work with another person to appear as though you were moving as one.