Production Weigher

Weigh quantities of materials for use in production processes.

What does a Production Weigher do?

Weighs quantities of materials for use in production processes, using balance, platform, or floor scales: Places loose or packaged material on scales and adds or removes portions of material to obtain specified weight. Reads work order or formula to determine types and quantities of materials to weigh. Records weight of materials used for production records, or maintains perpetual inventory of materials used and on hand. May dump materials in prescribed sequence into chute or hopper or onto conveyor belt. May transfer weighed materials to production or storage areas, using handtruck or power truck. May sort weighed materials into designated bins or containers, according to weight or type. May be designated according to type of scale used or material weighed as Batch Weigher; Compounder; Feather Grader; Operator, Scales; Rubber Compounder; Shadow-Graph-Weight Operator; Stock Mixer; Weigher-And-Charger. May weigh plant products as part of packing process and be designated Weigher, Packing.