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Production Utility Worker

Perform duties in production of vaccines or toxoids.

What does a Production Utility Worker do?

Performs any combination of following duties in production of vaccines or toxoids: Adds chemical solutions, disease virus, or bacteria to and removes culture fluids from glass vessels, using pump. Connects pumping equipment to storage, filtration, fermentation, and refrigeration containers to transfer and refrigerate chemical ingredients or to flush containers. Conveys chemical ingredients, disease bacteria, and disease viruses in drums, containers, jars, or vials to and from storage or refrigeration rooms, using handtruck. Carries samples of chemical broth, vaccine, or toxoid to quality control unit. Tends sterilizers, oven, and autoclave that sterilize glassware, instruments, and portable equipment. Washes designated equipment by hand, using brushes, rags, and detergent. Thaws frozen ingredients used in developing vaccines or toxoids, using thawing equipment.