Production Supply Equipment Tender

Tend equipment that convey shelled corn and vegetable oils.

What does a Production Supply Equipment Tender do?

Tends equipment that conveys shelled corn and vegetable oil between processes in plant producing foods, such as corn chips and cheese puffs: Starts bucket-type conveyor or pneumatic conveyor that transfers shelled corn from freight cars and trucks to corn storage elevator. Moves levers to control flow of corn from elevator to hoppers of cleaning and grinding machines. Connects pipe, tightens coupling with wrenches, and starts pumps to transfer vegetable oils from tank cars to storage tanks. Opens valves to transfer oils from storage tanks to cooking vats in production areas of plant. Collects oil and corn grain samples for laboratory analysis. Sprays corn storage elevators and conveyor belts with insecticide and seals elevator for specified period to eliminate insects. May weigh trucks before and after unloading [GRAIN RECEIVER].