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Production Supervisor

Order materials to help your assembly-line workers stay on schedule.

What does a Production Supervisor do?

Production is an amazing process. Think of flour and chocolate chips turning into delicate cookies, or massive sheets of metal and bolts morphing into a new automobile. If you’ve ever been to a candy or cheese factory, then you’ve seen a production line at work. There are many steps involved in every product, and the person who oversees them all is the Production Supervisor.

As a Production Supervisor, you start the process by ensuring that your workers receive the materials they need. The Production Supervisor works with vendors and suppliers to make sure they fill the order on time and accurately. A day without materials can shut down the production line, but having too many supplies in stock can be hard on the bottom line too. The Production Supervisor works to order the right amount at the right time.

Ordering supplies is just the beginning though. You also oversee the quality of the product, the packaging, and the shipping procedures. This means you are on the floor taking samples, reviewing reports, observing the process, and evaluating machinery. You make sure safety procedures are observed and compile reports to keep upper management in the loop.

The most important part of your job is to take care of your most valuable asset–your workers. Without them, the line won’t run. They’re the people working it every day, and so they’re your prime source of information about what’s working and what’s not. So you constantly communicate with your staff, show them you appreciate their efforts, and generally motivate them to do their best work.