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Production Ski Repairer

Repair defects in skis damaged in production or defective in material.

What does a Production Ski Repairer do?

Repairs defects in skis damaged in production or defective in material, using handtools and power tools: Examines designated defects and markings on ski to determine type repair required. Selects specified fiberglass mat patch and positions patch over defect. Pours epoxy resin on patch to cause patch to adhere to ski. Places patched area into heated mold press to shape and dry patch. Removes ski from mold press and trims patched area with knife. Drills holes and trims damaged area to provide access to defect for skis having defects in plastic base layer, using portable drill and knife. Aligns polyethylene-plastic sliver with defect in base layer and rubs soldering iron over sliver to melt plastic into defect. Smooths repaired ski to remove excess patching, using belt sander. May repair and refinish user-damaged skis in ski manufacturer’s service shop.