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Production Seed Corn Manager

Plan and direct development and production of hybrid seed corn.

What does a Production Seed Corn Manager do?

Plans and directs development and production of hybrid seed corn for commercial seed companies: Plans and executes experimental field studies to develop and improve varieties of hybrid corn with desired characteristics, such as greater yield, resistance to disease and insects, and adaptability to specific soils and climate. Selects and inbreeds plants until specific inbred line is produced, using various breeding techniques, such as crossbreeding, backcrossing, and outcrossing. Confers with farmers to arrange contracts for raising hybrid corn. Distributes seeds, specifies areas of farm to be planted, directs workers engaged in corn planting to make most effective use of land, and oversees fertilizing, cultivating, detasseling, and harvesting [FIELD SUPERVISOR, SEED PRODUCTION]. Directs, through subordinate supervisors, workers engaged in shelling and grading corn. Examines equipment used to clean and grade shelled corn for proper functioning and plans changes in drying, grading, storage, and shipment of seed corn for greater efficiency and accuracy. Interprets company policies and hires, discharges, transfers, and promotes workers. Records production, farm management practices, parent stock, or other data.