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Production Planner

Plan out a products creation from A to Z.

What does a Production Planner do?

The modern manufacturing system is like a giant machine-every part has to work properly, and all the raw materials need to be in the right place at the right time. The Production Planner is the brains behind the brawn of this system. As a Production Planner, you have a big-picture view of how everything connects. You know you’re doing things right when you’re minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency (and profit) for your company.

As a Production Planner, you’re somewhere between a Conductor and an Administrator. On one level, you’re dealing with the grander manufacturing machine of which you’re a part. The other side of your life involves handling the nitty-gritty of modern business. Some of the factors a Production Planner deals with are within your control, others not so much.

Foresight and an analytical mind will take you far in this field. You juggle shipping and resupply schedules, minimum and maximum inventory sizes, and of course, people. People can be the unknown factor in any complex system.

You not only create the schedule, but are also charged with making sure that everyone below you sticks to it. Working closely with Foremen and Managers to ensure that their teams are hitting production numbers and deadlines is vital.

Every day presents a different challenge. Whether it’s finding a new supplier for a discontinued part, or adjusting your schedule due to an accident at a factory, as the nerve center of the manufacturing system, you adjust on the fly to keep things moving. Expect a 40-hour workweek in an office, with occasional visits to the manufacturing floor, and overtime when things get sticky.