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Production Metal Sprayer

Spray a variety of objects to coat them with specified thickness of metal.

What does a Production Metal Sprayer do?

Sprays variety of objects, such as valves, clutch plates, and cylinder linings, on production basis, to coat them with specified thickness of metal: Cleans and roughens surface of object in sand or shotblast cabinet [CABINET-ABRASIVE SANDBLASTER]. Fastens objects in fixture or between bench centers. Preheats object for spraying, using oxyacetylene torch or metalizing gun. Moves controls to set specified rate of wire feed and flow of oxygen and fuel gases through metalizing gun. Ignites gases to melt wire and presses button or trigger to release compressed air which atomizes and sprays molten metal onto workpiece. Manually directs spray over object to apply coating of specified thickness. May spray metal objects with soft solder preparatory to assembly and be designated Solder Sprayer.