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Production Line Technician

Keep production lines flowing.

What does a Production Line Technician do?

As a Production Line Technician, you’re a lot like an Assembly Line Technician. The big difference is you have some flexibility, and aren’t required to stand in one spot and do the same job over and over. That being said, you should expect to do the same set of tasks repeatedly throughout the day.

Production lines are used in many forms of manufacturing. The Production Line Technician might put together parts for everything from semi-trucks to plastic containers to spice jars. Some food companies even hire Production Line Technicians to make their edible goods.

On a typical workday, you set up the computer or machine you work with, and then make sure it performs as it should. This means you might set the specifications of a product’s shape, tell the machine how fast to work, or insert the raw material.

No matter where you work on the production line, you always want to keep an eye on quality. Flaws can tell you if the machine has a broken part or if the raw material has a defect that’s affecting production. When you find issues, you either replace a broken part or let your Supervisor know so they can call in a specialist.

Basic maintenance, like replacing worn parts or adding oil to the machine, is another big duty in this job. Whether you’re doing basic repairs or fixing something big, you always need to fill out a detailed report and let upper management know of problems.