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Production Line Solderer

Solder together components of metal products on production lines.

What does a Production Line Solderer do?

Solders together components of metal products on production line, using hand soldering iron and soft solder: Dips workpieces into chemical solution or brushes or powders flux along joints to remove impurities. Places workpieces into fixtures or manually holds them together at designated point. Plunges soldering iron into chemical to clean tip. Positions tip of heated soldering iron and wire or bar of solder to joint until solder melts and seeps into joint. Guides iron and solder along seams. Removes workpiece when color indicates that solder has cooled and bonded workpieces together. May sweat together workpieces coated with solder. May solder with self-fluxing solder. May adjust controls of gas flame or electric induction coils to specified point on dial to heat soldering iron.