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Production Foreman

Ensure that workers are doing their job and products are up to par.

What does a Production Foreman do?

Most companies produce a product, whether it’s a well-mown lawn, a motor, or a supply of oil. And most products are created by a team of people, all working together. A Production Foreman is in charge of that team, and what it produces.

Your primary job as a Production Foreman is to supervise a crew of workers. You ensure that your workers are following all safety rules, like wearing safety glasses and helmets. You may be required to step in and do the manufacturing work yourself when the crew is short on staff. Rolling up your sleeves and doing manual labor can help you earn the love and respect of the people you supervise, although it may make for a long and tiring day.

You also perform higher management tasks, such as hiring and firing employees, and training them on new techniques. You may move employees from one part of the production line to another, depending on need. Additionally, you’re responsible for the product. You ensure that machinery is running properly, and inspect the final product to make sure it meets quality standards.

Your job is a bit of a delicate balancing act. The more products you deliver, the more money your company makes. But if your product is inferior, no one will buy it and you’ll be out of a job. Your goal as a Production Foreman is to find the sweet spot between quick and quality, and to make your team work well within those boundaries.