Production Engineering Tooling Coordinator

Coordinate activities to facilitate production or procurement of tooling.

What does a Production Engineering Tooling Coordinator do?

Coordinates activities of engineering, tool design, purchasing, and other departments, to facilitate production or procurement of tooling: Evaluates tooling orders received from production engineering department to determine whether tooling should be manufactured in-house or procured from outside vendor. Examines blueprints to determine tool requirements and special materials or items to be ordered. Calculates and records tool requirement data on tooling order, and routes order to tool design or purchasing department. Prepares requisitions for items to be purchased. Contacts tool room, purchasing, receiving, or other personnel to follow up on procurement or production activities and to expedite movement of tools between departments or vendors. Maintains manual or computerized records of tooling procurement, status, and disposition information. Examines tools and tool records to determine disposition of tools. Processes requests for tool repair. May transport tooling between departments or vendors to expedite handling.