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Production Engineer

Ensure smooth running of the manufacturing process.

What does a Production Engineer do?

As a production engineer, you’re in charge of the manufacturing process, making sure that production runs efficiently and within budget. You could be working in a number of industries, such as cars, clothes, or even airplanes. The job of production engineers consists of three main tasks, which are installation, maintenance, and optimization.

You plan and schedule production, procure and install equipment, and handle budgets and expenditures. Production engineers check the equipment regularly to make sure they’re in good condition, work with technicians to resolve any issues, train and manage the staff, and make sure you meet all deadlines. You optimize production, carry out quality checks, and try to find solutions to reduce energy consumption and pollution levels. A production engineer also makes sure to follow all health and safety guidelines.

To be an effective production engineer, you need good technical skills. You need good communication, leadership, and teamwork skills to be a production engineer. Production engineers need a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field, but a business or management degree could also get you the job.