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Production Engine Repairer

Repair or replace defective parts of internal combustion engines.

What does a Production Engine Repairer do?

Repairs or replaces defective parts of internal combustion engines indicated on test rejection tag, using power tools and handtools: Positions motor in fixture and inspects engine for cracks and missing parts, such as electrical wires and screws. Disassembles motor and repairs or replaces defective parts, such as water pump, carburetor, thermostat, gears, solenoids, magneto, pistons, piston rings, and crankshaft, using wrenches, screwdrivers, and wheel puller. Scrapes, grinds, reams, and retaps parts to obtain specified clearance between parts, using scrapers, stand grinder, taps, reamer, and micrometer. Adjusts points, valves, and spark plugs and verifies gaps, using feeler gauges. Reassembles motor for retest. Records motor number and repairs made.