Production Control Coordinator

Ensure production lines create finished products of high quality.

What does a Production Control Coordinator do?

As a Production Control Coordinator, you watch as a product makes its way through the production process, keeping an eye on everything from start to finish. You look out for potential problems, and stop issues before they happen.

The Production Control Coordinator works with a lot of different products-pretty much any manufactured good that makes its way from raw material to finished product. You can also work with data, and oversee the input and output of information into specialized computer systems. No matter what you’re handling though, the Production Control Coordinator oversees all areas of the production system, and strive to make it run as quickly and smoothly as possible. You make sure work remains constant throughout the day and throughout shift changes.

You start each shift by finding out what the daily production goal is, and then planning out a way to get the work done. You might train employees on a faster way to process information, hire new ones to help with busy periods of production, or fill out forms for new equipment. You make sure each step of production is working properly, and the product is moving through each stage, from testing to shipping, in a timely manner.

You also log all work as it gets done, and pass along any necessary information to Managers or workers. Examples of this include letting higher-ups know about a problem on the production floor, or giving a new design blueprint to those who are doing inspections.