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Product Safety Engineer

Make sure your company's products meet government safety standards.

What does a Product Safety Engineer do?

As a Product Safety Engineer, you work to ensure that the items made available to consumers don’t pose unnecessary risks to their health and safety. As a Product Safety Engineer, you may be employed by manufacturers, government agencies, or consumer advocacy groups. Because everything from toys to tanker trucks has the potential to injure people, Product Safety Engineers work with a variety of industries.

The specific duties of the Product Safety Engineer will depend on the setting for which you are hired, but it will likely involve a great deal of research. You study established safety standards for each product in question, determine the potential for hazards in its use (or misuse), and interpret statistics that aid in creating a safer version of it. You then conduct studies that test the safety of each version (for example, crash tests to determine whether a car will keep its occupants safe in an accident, or animal testing to ensure that the chemicals in a cleaning product won’t cause burns to users).

You need to have an analytical mind, the patience to sort through reams of research and paperwork, and the ability to work with the input and guidance of a team. You also need excellent written and oral communication skills to clearly convey your findings to superiors.

In exchange for your focus and diligence, you’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that everything from cribs to cars to mascara is safe for consumers because of hard work like yours.