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Product Promoter

Offer food samples or product demonstrations in malls and grocery stores.

What does a Product Promoter do?

Product Promoters are the people at Costco who offer food samples, or at mall kiosks demonstrating the latest and greatest in hair appliances. As a Product Promoter, you get the attention of customers and entice them to buy products. These products can be anything from office furniture to food.

The first requirement of the job is you should really like people. Product Promoters are a bit like Door to Door Salesmen, except you stand in one place. This means you have to try and catch the attention of potential customers as they make their way through a crowded mall or grocery store. You give a lot of sales pitches, but be prepared to be ignored or shut down often.

When you do get an interested customer, you either close the sale or get their information as a sales lead. This lead is passed along to a Salesperson who will follow up later, and hopefully convince the customer to buy.

The second requirement of the job is you should be able to stand for long periods. Product Promoters tend to work out of a booth, behind a table, or next to a kiosk. You spend your shifts on your feet, smiling at customers.

Also, be aware that this job isn’t very consistent. Most positions last for only a few months, and then you’ll need to search for a new one.